YOA Canada | Global Leaders Program
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A New Paradigm

YOA CANADA is at the core of a rapidly emerging philosophical framework: orchestras as an agent for social change. Collective music education is a powerful tool in building self-esteem, teaching responsibility, instilling discipline and fostering collaboration. These qualities for success in life are first cultivated in the individual musician but quickly transfer to family members and throughout the ethos of a community. Bringing music into daily lives at all levels of society is an investment in a more promising future.


The GLOBAL LEADERS PROGRAM is an annual 9-month professional development program that supports the transformation of exceptional musicians into community change-makers, teaching artists and social entrepreneurs. This powerful certificate course combines on-site leadership development in diverse international settings with remote classroom training guided by a pioneering faculty. With support from a range of world-class university partners, The Global Leaders Program works to prepare emerging musical leaders to build and guide the social music initiatives of tomorrow.


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